Gorodskaya kabelnaya kanalizatsiya (Urban cable-conduit line), Yekaterinburg city

Clomiphene Visa

ООО “Gorodskaya kabelnaya kanalizatsiya” (LLC) is engaged in construction Clomiphene Visa maintenance of cable-conduit line network for service providers in Yekaterinburg city. The company carries out economic activities within the framework of the implementation of target-oriented program AMSKK “Alternative network of the cable-conduit line” (ANCCL). The goal of foundation of ООО “Gorodskaya kabelnaya kanalizatsiya” (LLC) is to meet the growing needs of providers in the safe Clomiphene Visa reliable channels for high-speed data transmission.

о компании2The AMSKK project is represented in the form of volumetric parameters Clomiphene Visa the addresses of sites Clomiphene Visa includes 667 switching points.
The realization takes place in stages in a few levels, the total length of cable lines is 53 kilometers. Fiber optic cable is routed pneumatically in the polypropylene tunnels.
Installation of distribution units Clomiphene Visa switching devices takes place from the perspective of the urban communication network development for the convenience of the current maintenance.
The implementation of target-oriented AMSSK program by the ООО “Gorodskaya kabelnaya kanalizatsiya” (LLC) company allows the providers Clomiphene Visa telecom operators to improve the quality of services significantly.
We perform the Yekaterinburg to the safer Clomiphene Visa more comfortable city by eliminatinating its residential areas from the web of wires Clomiphene Visa cables.

ООО “Gorodskaya kabelnaya kanalizatsiya” (LLC) invites to partnership companies’ Clomiphene Visa organizations’ representatives Clomiphene Visa also interested private individuals. We look forward to seeing each of you among the company’s clients.
Information for communication Clomiphene Visa clarification the terms of collaboration is in the «Contacts» section on the official page of ООО “Gorodskaya kabelnaya kanalizatsiya” (LLC).